“What are the 7 tips for effectively preparing for an architect's exam?”

2020-06-18 10:49
“First of all, under the strategy of setting goals clearly and passing them at once, learn a certain amount each day.” This is a'tip of a tip' from four professors who have qualifications related to construction engineers, civil engineering engineers, and construction safety technicians to candidates who are preparing for the construction engineer certification exam. These four experts who participated in the early bird training class to prepare for the recent exam for the construction engineer certification were asked in detail.

-What is the difference between a construction engineer and a construction industry engineer?

There are three main differences between the article and the industrial engineer exam. The first one is the level of depth of architectural knowledge. The level of the article is rather high, but in the first answer test, you can understand that the difference in difficulty is not so great.

Second, there is a marked difference in the practical exam, the second exam. In the article, the 2nd exam is a short-answer, subject-type, whereas the construction industry engineer conducts qualification tests on the actual architectural drawing by hand drawing. Lastly, an architectural engineer is known as a higher-level certificate than an architectural engineer.

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